FFSNG.com  is a great social media game that allows you to make, sell and exchange friends. It allows you to build your own social media network without any need to program or code. Simply select from some commonly used options, set your preferences and you are ready with a social media page. Since any social media user must know how much and what kind of traffic his / her page is generating, you will need TraceMyIp to tell you how well you are doing on FFSNG.com. This tutorial shows you how to embed a web stats tracker on your page.

To trace the visitors to your FFSNG.com page, login to your account and copy the URL of your page to the clipboard.

Generating web stats tracker code

Note: TraceMyIP no longer supports FFSNG.com. Register fraudLog.com tracking account to track visitors.

If you already have an TraceMyIP account, login into that and select "Add New Project", else follow this link to learn how to register an account and then add the new project.

In the "Code Type" drop down list select Universal Tracker - JavaScript code  and generate the code.

Copy the JavaScript code to the clipboard.

Installing the web stats tracker code for FFSNG.com

Now switch back to your FFSNG.com page. Select “My page” as indicated in the screen print below. Further from "My page" select "My - about me". Paste the code in the about me box.



Save the "about me" box and refresh your profile page. You will see your tracker sitting there counting web stats.

Verifying the web stats code installation

Once you have followed the steps above to install your web stats code, you need to ensure that the tracker code is installed properly.

  1. Visit the section(s) of your website and verify that the tracker image shows up as intended. If you are a premium subscriber, disable the invisible tracking option first, then visually verify your tracker installation.
  2. Additionally, you can check if your own visits are being properly logged. If you are blocking your own visits from being logged by the tracker, disable the auto IP blocking feature first.
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