TraceMyIP is designed to give you complete data about the traffic to your website. An account on TraceMyIP gives you a small JavaScript or HTML code that is custom written for your website. Insert this in the header or footer of your website (so that the code is available on all pages) and it will work in the background collecting data about your visitors. This data will be sent to your TraceMyIP account where it can be analyzed in detail to give you valuable statistics about your visitors.

How to create a new TraceMyIP account

To create a NEW TraceMyIP account, follow these steps:

  •     Visit
  •     Click on the register link located in the right upper part of the console to access a subscription page

    suacct 1

  •     On the subscriptions list page, click on the Sign Up! button for the desired subscription level

    suacct 2

  •     Proceed with the on screen prompts

If you have selected a free subscription level, you will be given an option to generate a tracker code for a website service that you would like to track. You can add more website tracking projects to your account once you confirm and login to your brand new TraceMyIP account.

If you have selected to become a premium subscriber, follow the screen prompts to specify a payment method. Once the payment is processed, you will receive your instant account confirmation link. When the account is confirmed, login to your TraceMyIP account, and click on Add New Project menu button up top to generate a new visitor tracker code and proceed to code installation.

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