How to downgrade your premium subscription to lower level

If you are a LEVEL 1 premium or higher subscriber, you can downgrade your premium subscription to a lower level at any time. Please note that you cannot downgrade from a premium subscription to a free subscription since the account implementations are fundamentally different.

Once you downgrade your premium subscription to a lower level, your account data will be automatically trimmed to the new log quota and old records in the excess of your new downgraded quote will be permanently deleted. Same applies to the number of projects under your account. If you currently have more projects tracked then the new level's allowance, those projects will be locked; therefore you first need to delete the extra projects you don't need to be tracked.

To downgrade your premium subscription, follow these steps:

  1. Log-in to your TraceMyIP account
  2. Go to "My Account" tab and decide on the new level of subscription you would like to switch to. Consider the number of projects and log quota provided per each level of subscription
  3. Go to "My Projects" tab, and delete the projects you don't need to track so that the number of the projects does not exceed the number of the projects allowed in your new downgraded level of subscription
  4. Go to "My Account / Status" tab. On the bottom of your account's status screen, click on the "manage" link located to the right of your payment type. Follow the screen prompts to cancel your subscription. Once your subscription is successfully cancelled, log-out of your TraceMyIP account first to reset your subscription settings, then log back in and proceed with selection of your new desired level of subscription.

Please note: Once your account is downgraded and the excess of data is purged to comply with the new data quote, there will be no option to restore the data deleted by the system.

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