TraceMyIP allows deleting visitor tracker projects along with all data and corresponding sub-tracking engine data without an option of recovery. This means that the data that a project has collected over time will be permanently deleted from the database and will not longer be accessible.

How to delete a project:

  • Login to your TraceMyIP account
  • Click on "My Projects" menu tab in the left upper corner of the interface
  • Click on the "delete" link located to the right of the project name
  • Check the box next to "Destroy the entire project & all Link Trackers, Page Trackers & Campaign Trackers" option
  • Enter your TraceMyIP password and click on "Delete" button on the bottom

By deleting a visitor tracking project, the following data will be completely removed from the visitor tracker server:

  • Project settings and project access statistics
  • Real-time visitor traffic data
  • Hourly, daily and monthly statistics
  • Link & Page trackers and all data accumulated
  • Campaign tracker and all data accumulated
  • Visitor geo and demographics data

Once the data is deleted, the project’s Visitor Tracker, Page Tracker, Link Tracker and Campaign Tracker codes that might still be installed on the client’s website, will become inactive and must be removed.

When the data is deleted, it is completely erased from the storage on the server without an option of recovery.

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