TraceMyIP allows adding a sound notification to alert webmasters when new visits are detected on any of their websites that are being tracked by TraceMyIP visitor tracker. A sound notification will play a pre-selected sound each time interval if there are active visitors detected by any of website trackers.

The sound notification will only emit a sound on “My Projects” page, which displays the list of all existing projects.

To activate a new visitor sound alert on “My Projects” page:

  • Login to your TraceMyIP account
  • Click on “My Projects” page
  • In the upper left corner of the interface, cli on the “Auto Update” drop down menu.
    snd alert 01
  • Select an “Auto Update” timeframe from the drop down menu.
    snd alert 02
  • Another drop down menu will appear to the right of the timeframe drop down menu. Select the sound type desired from the drop down menu.
    snd alert 03
  • Click on the preview play icon to audition the sound

Important: The “Auto Update” timeframe selected must be equal or less than the “Online Now” visitor detection setting located under your account settings page. To access your “Online Now” visitor detection settings, go to “My Account” menu and select “Settings” option. Scroll down to “My Projects Screen” section.

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