Visitor referrer information is completely missing

Visitor referrer data provides users with information about the visitor’s browser location before a visitor landed on a page where the TraceMyIP tracker is installed. This information is useful to determine the sources of traffic, search engine keywords (when available), location of the links that bring traffic to webmaster, keywords used in campaigns and social interaction tracking. Referrer information can also be used to control the flow of the visitors with Link & Page tracker modules.

In order to enable the visitor referrer tracking and search engine keywords capture, you will need to use a JavaScript version of the tracker. Many social network sites do NOT allow usage of JavaScript code, therefore the referrer tracking will not be possible with those sites, and there no other technology available at this time that would allow referrer tracking without using a JavaScript tracker implementation.

If you have generated a JavaScript visitor tracking code with TraceMyIP and placed it into a page of a social network site or a blog that doesn't allow JavaScript, the script will be partially stripped by that site, and although your TraceMyIP tracker will log the visits, it will not detect the referrer information.

To verify if your website editor, social network site or a blog allows usage of a JavaScript code:

  • Generate a JavaScript code by TraceMyIP
  • Place the code in the header or a footer of your website
  • Visit your website and look at the source code of your web page through your browser. Verify that the TraceMyIP code appears exactly in the same format as it was generated by TraceMyIP. If half or more code is missing, then this will indicate that the referrer tracking will not be possible on your site because the site provider strips the JavaScript code generated by TraceMyIP.

It is strongly recommended that you generate an HTML version of the tracker code if your website does not allow usage of a JavaScript code. Using a JavaScript visitor tracker code on a website that only allows basic HTML code embedding, will result in inaccurate statistics captured by TraceMyIP tracker.

“Came From” does show some referrers, but the report mostly shows that my visitors come from my own website instead of the external referrers

The “Came From” report is designed to show the URLs of external websites that link to your site and search engine keywords used to find your website. If your “Came From” report shows the “from” links of your own website/domain, this means that you have incorrectly specified your project URL. The project URL must be the same as the home page of your website.

To correct your project URL, go to “My Projects” page, and click on the “edit” link located to the right of your Project Name. If your visitor log has captured at least 400 page loads, you can use an [ auto URL suggestion ] feature, that will be available on the Project Edit page. The link to this feature will be located right below the URL entry box if available.

For more information on setting up your Project URL, please see this document.

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