TraceMyIP has two functions that allow entering an IP address to block. Although the terminology is the same, the functions are radically different.

Blocking an IP address from being logged by the visitor tracker

When you enter an IP address into an IP blocking section under your account’s setting page, the provided IP address will be blocked from being logged by the tracker. This feature is useful when you’d like to save your log space and avoid seeing a redundant IP address activity

Blocking an IP address from accessing your website

If you would like to prevent a specific IP address or a range of IP addresses from accessing your website documents, you can accomplish this with the following tools:

  • Link Tracker – allows controlling any specific link on your website
  • Page Tracker – allows controlling visitor access to any specific page or the entire website

Both Link Tracker and Page Tracker modules allow controlling access via filters such as an IP address, geo location, computer specifications, referrer information, etc. To access and setup the modules, navigate to your project's statistics menu, and click on either" Link Tracker" or "Page Tracker" menu items.

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