Email service provider is not supported error message appears when you try to register a new TraceMyIP account or change your account's email address.

The notice will appear each time an unsupported email address is used for new or existing accounts and can be translated into the following:

  1. The email address provider has been excessively using spam filtering, blocking important account notifications from TraceMyIP and has been flagged as "unsupported"
  2. The email address provider has an incorrect delivery route configuration in place that results in non-delivery of validated email messages
  3. The email address provider has been blacklisted by TraceMyIP because it was used for spamming
  4. The email address provider is a temporary mailbox service that places the new TraceMyIP account integrity and registration process at risk

The solution is to use a permanent widely used email address provider such as Google mail, Yahoo! mail, Hotmail or your own dedicated server mail account.

Note: providing a temporary or other email address that you do not regularly check, may result in a missed account expiration notification and eventual termination of your TraceMyIP account. TraceMyIP is a spam-free service, meaning it will only send important account notification to its user base.

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