TraceMyIP allows the following payment methods to be used for account subscriptions:

  • Direct credit card payments by Visa, MasterCard or Discover
  • Direct debit card payments that utilize either Visa or Mastercard networks
  • PayPal subscription

As a TraceMyIP subscriber, you can update the following payment methods directly from TraceMyIP console by clicking on the "manage" link located on the bottom of your account's status page. The link is located to the right of your subscription payment method name. Click on the link, and follow the screen prompts to udpate your credit card number or billing address information. The following methods can be updated under your TraceMyIP account:

  • Credit card payments
  • Debit card payments

When you use PayPal to pay for your subscription, TraceMyIP has no control over the payments and does not process the payments internally. All one time and recurring payments are processed exclusively by PayPal. TraceMyIP does not possess your payment information and only provides you with acccount notifications if your payment method has failed.


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